Monday, February 22, 2010

Gypsy Hoop Not Earrings

It's Monday and I get to play. Started with some heavy gauge sterling silver wire that I hammered extra flat in places. Added some spiral stampings and a fine copper wire wrap for accent. Used some of the pale beads I made a couple of weeks ago for the Antique Garden series. This is one of many that resulted from this mess on my workbench...
The luxury of having a dedicated workspace...don't have to clean up until I'm ready for the next project!

Plaid Giveaway on The Nighbluey Herald

You've seen JDWolfe pottery featured here before on MUG Monday. This plaid beauty is the giveaway prize at The Nighbluey Herald! No time to waste as the deadline for entry is February 28th!
Head over the this really cool blog and comment away...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Organized? I try...

If you bead, then you know. Organizing is a constant battle. I have tried all kinds of ways to keep the beads I need most often easily accessible so the work flows and the digging is at a minimum.  These wood nesting trays from Nile Corp have served well for my clay beads for quite a few years now. I use inserts to keep my current colors separated. This way I can see what I have and what I need to make color, size, shape, etc.
The BEST part about these trays is they are great for show and tell.  All the color gets the customer's attention. So often, the public doesn't understand what I mean when I say " I make my own beads out of clay" as if I were speaking another language. Once they see the beads in the trays they are instantly interested and tend to ask more questions.
Beads never ever ever go to waste. These are trays of "old" batches so the colors are jumbled together. Funny how, when they sit next to new neighbors, they come back to life with inspiration!
These trays are also great for storing under stock. I use the inserts for pendants and such. Some of them I have lined with cork so that I can pin finished jewelry to transport to shows. All I do is stack them in the zippered jewelry case and off to the show!

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