Friday, January 29, 2010

Three Generations Searching for an Ugly Old Car

Maybe it's not so ugly, but it is getting pretty old. This lovely addition to our driveway is a '96 Subaru Legacy Wagon with 164k miles on it. Yes, a wagon for a 17 year old seems a bit odd. But, if you knew my girl, it suits her...there is nothing ordinary about her. Her mission from the get go was to find something ugly, as if she was looking to adopt an orphan animal.

The three of us including my dad started this quest a few weeks ago. Searching local lots, calling car guys we knew, perusing the papers and searching online sites. All this looking and we found ourselves circling back around to a dealer only a few blocks away from home. Believe me, there isn't much to choose from in the "cheap" category. Taking cars out for test drives, we took turns driving.  Each of us with our own point of view. I went first to get the feel while she played with the knobs and gadgets. Pop Pop was there for his experience. He knows cars... We all agreed that this was the one, hoping our choice was right and luck will be with us.
Savannah has always been good about putting something away from all the years of helping me at People's Choice and at the mall.  Her part time job at Wendy's added enough to her savings account to make it work. So, we walked into the dealer and said we wanted to take the Subaru home. Filling out the paperwork and letting the transaction settle in was fun and exciting. This was a BIG deal and I was so happy to be able to do this with her and to watch her realize it was actually happening.

She is a good and careful driver, but of course there is no way to stop the worries. We won't forget this rainy day. Over 3 1/2" had fallen and the creek was flooding. The water was close to the bridge and started flowing up Broad Street before cresting. Later that evening we got word that two brothers, her high school class mates were in a terrible accident. These two boys continue to fight for their lives. A horrible reminder of the fragility of life. Please be careful on the road...

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