Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Antique Garden

Spent the last few hours creating a little romance. These soft pastels contrasted with the antiqued silver capture a sense of time passed.
Translucent clay has been my long time base. Just a smidgen of color will achieve that soapy feel. Baking at a slightly higher temperature gives the beads a  bit of a crackle. Sometimes it's tough to decide what style of ear wires to make. The supply of 20 gauge is low, so not too much fooling around. This was the second or third attempt to try and form a good marriage between the beads and the essence of the design. Although these were pretty in shiny sterling I decided to stick to the original mission for the Antique Garden.
I had to see the results from a dip in the liver of sulfur bath!
Maybe I will make another group and keep them shiny?
Oops, have to make another blue pair already. Gave them the daughter test. Having a 17 year old around equals honest feed back. Savannah reacted violently positive and asked for a personal treasure. She has been in a blue mood lately. Hair streaks I mean not the other kind of blue...

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