Saturday, January 16, 2010

Adventures in Photography

It's best to take pictures outside, right? Nature has to cooperate though. The sun is out and it's not raining making today a qualifier of criteria to cart all that stuff to the back patio to take some new shots for the website and Etsy shop.
A list of supplies to get started. A table so the bending over won't kill the lower back, back grounds and props. Then you hall out the goods. If you are lucky like me, its jewelry so easy to carry a lot at at time.   By the time you get positioned to actually get the camera in hand much time has passed. Shoot a bunch and run back inside to upload and see if the results are good, passable or a true failure. Back and does this background look? What about this camera setting? Who needs exercise on a photo shooting day? And then there is the cleanup, of course my favorite part of the process.

I try to do it this way on occasion, but get frustrated with the timing and the hassle. I need a dependable photo studio on demand. Here is mine perched on top of my favorite storage cabinet. I can shoot in my jammies as I did today. Glorious! No clean up either...ah now that's sweet.
There is never enough light in my studio. I have four panels of awful fluorescent lighting  in the ceiling. Quite undependable with lights flickering on a whim. I also have a torchiere floor lamp with a powerful 300 watt halogen bulb. All this and I add these great shop lights mounted on a tripod to pour direct light on the sides of my photo cube. It gets hot in there with everything lit up in full force.  The studio is a renovated one car garage attached to the house, so it's not a gigantic room.

After many many years of trial and error. My trusty Fugi FinePix S602Z digital continues to serve me well. Although, adding a really compact point and shoot is on the list for taking to shows.
Here is one result of yesterday's efforts.
Although I am happy with a shot here and there, satisfaction never really comes. There is always room for improvement. Lots of articles to read on technical items from camera settings to what is best for websites and then the ever important slide shots for shows.
Truth is, this part of the job is just one more reason I love what I do.
Never a boring day.

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