Friday, November 6, 2009

Mall Kiosk Update

The first post on the Mall Kiosk Time Machine had a good response including lots of comments and questions here and on facebook. It was even featured on the Mall Kiosk Success page.  I thought a follow up might be a good idea.
Where do I get all my work done? This is the cart on wheels that makes it all possible.  My dad stained it cherry to match the kiosk. My brother, the master woodworker finished off the back. They did a beautiful job!  I keep my tools, metals and inventory below. There is enough room on top for two stations if you stand on each side and a my ott light. Although this is center court with sky lights, even on a cloudy day it's very dark. With working on both sides two project stages are possible like clay and wire without having to keep moving stuff around when a customer needs something special. 
Setup was coming along after only about an hour. One good thing about all the years of experience is that it doesn't take as long as it used to. The next day was spent rearranging everything and getting things priced.  A couple of new display pieces needed to be ordered, so of course it's always in transition.
One of the most common questions I get is "Do you have to pack everything up at night?" The answer is definitely no. The tarp wraps around and zips. There is a wire running through the hems so you can padlock for security. Honestly, I don't really worry about it.  I have found that most people are good people and allowing the bad ones to rule how I manage my life or my business would tarnish the joy.  As a friend said... it's all about "Karma"
In case you hadn't noticed or were too shy to ask. The kiosks do not come equipped with a restroom. Occassionally, for this and a cup of coffee, I make a run for it. Thankfully, there is usually a good neighbor nearby to keep an eye out!
Thank you for all your comments and questions. 
Off to the mall...

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