Monday, October 12, 2009

MUG Monday Supporting Operation CUP

Make the coffee, open the cupboard door and now I get to choose which one. This is one of my favorite morning moments. So many different colors and shapes. Each one is a memory of where I got it and the artist who made it with their hands. All the perfect imperfections that make each piece unique.

This morning, I drink my coffee from a fine Aaronsburg Pottery vessel which I purchased at People's Choice in Boalsburg, PA.It's body is round and fat with a deep olive color and smooth...I mean really smooth and perfect to the touch.
These are the work of Tofano Pottery. I had the priviledge of trading with Tanya and Mike at Bedford Fall Foliage. The color is serene and the quality is perfection. They are new to Etsy so check them out!

Every chance I get at a show to seek out potters is a thrill. It makes me a little bit giddy with happiness and I am not kidding around here. Scanning for color and texture and quality, I pick up the mug and imagine how it will feel doing its job. The weight of it in my hand feels comforting. The handle has to fit. The rim has to be like silk. Any rough spots will not be friendly on the lips. It has to be beautiful and practical, not just for show.

Even after all these years of collecting, it's not difficult to find something new and interesting to add to the collection or to put in the gift pile.This year we decided early that it would be a mug Christmas. The tough part is deciding which to give and which to keep. Gotta be honest, I want to keep them all!!!

Support Operation CUP (Citizens Using Pottery)
For more info about CUP and featured potters see Arthur Halvorsen Ceramics on facebook
Buy handmade. Give handmade.
Below is the fourth edition of MUG MONDAY. If you click through the picture, you will be able to click on each individual mug to visit the artists Etsy shop. Please show them some love!!

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