Monday, October 12, 2009

End of Another Outdoor Season

Packing and unpacking the minivan (my daughter would prefer we have a cooler vehicle, but this is a job requirement) to hit the road twenty times or more from April to October is how I earn my living. Setting up at the crack o'dawn in the wet grass (please tell me I remembered to bring a second pair of sandals) or on the street with its slope to the curb hoping the displays won't be too tippy.
Cringing with the howl of a wind gust. Chatting with my neighbors about the last place they have been or the weather..always the weather. Wondering if there is going to be a food vendor making breakfast, oh I hope so. Where is the good coffee? Anyone know of a local coffee shop with the good stuff? Take a bite and put some more stuff out.
What did I forget this time? What booth configuration will I use? Inney or outey, corner? Some mornings it's the hardest decision to make. You can ask Nick, he knows when to leave for more coffee. Thank goodness for him. He is the most awesome weight attacher, sign poster, table cover folder and yes, he even does a great scarf. Better than me as he recently pointed out...
Honking the horn on the way out of town saying good bye to a favorite town on the show circuit. Loving this gypsy lifestyle. Stopping on the way home for more good coffee. Talking about how fast things went and oh yeah, where was that hotel with that incredible shower? I forgot to take notes again this year about which hotels were our favorites.
Smiling as we know that this weekend we get to stay home. Hmmm, no he is driving to Pittsburgh to see his daughter play college soccer. The next weekend we go to Long Island and then to the city for a birthday celebration on broadway. I think there is one weekend at the end of October that is free?? No, that would be time to set up the kiosk at the mall. That is if we don't head up to Corning for the half marathon. We love Corning!! Aniello's Pizza, Mac's Grill, Market Street Brewing Co. ... yeah, let's do it. Back in the van for another trip. A cold one after a long run sounds like a great way to spend the day!
This trip the only load in the back will be a change of clothes...all the show stuff is taking a rest in the garage.

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