Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MUG MONDAY - Just the Mugs Please!

I have collected mugs for about 20 years at arts festivals...mostly in trade...lucky me! I have been trying to figure out a weekly themed blog and decided I should go with my passion for handcrafted MUGS!

This is the launch of MUG Monday - Just the Mugs Please! 
I am anxious to see what turns up in my favorite category of earthenware!
This idea came from one of my favorite blogs
Creative with Clay

If you would like to enter for a MUG Feature on my blog, 
you will need to do the following TWO steps,

1. Leave a comment on this blog with your favorite MUG from this week's feature
2. Post your handmade MUG in this ETSY FORUM


  1. Nick, I found a flamingo mug just for you!

  2. Awesome are going to have to show it to me sometime ..I need to ramp up my flamingo collection :)

  3. I love the purple one, 2nd row, last pic...when are you gonna start making these?? Sign me up!!

  4. Hi Rachel, I have no intention of making mugs..I buy them or trade for them at shows! This is a series I am doing on my blog to feature some of the fantastic work of potters all over Etsy. If you have any you would like to share, please let me know on the Etsy link in the original blog post above! Glad you like :)

  5. The beautiful turquoise mug top row center SOLD today!

  6. My fav one is the Turquoise mug by Hodakapottery. No wonder it sold today. Thanks for featuring my name in your blog. It is a great idea and is original in its own way. Off to the forum to put in my entry.


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