Thursday, September 10, 2009

ArtFire Kiosk for Facebook

ArtFire made it too tempting...the new kiosk for Facebook that is. I am totally excited about the new features added by ArtFire! This year I have been spending time working on my website, learning about social networking, blogging and handmade marketplaces. Originally, I went with Etsy because it's established. Last week with the introduction of the kiosk it was apparent, that Etsy has some competition with new and very practical applications for online sellers like me. So, although I don't want to spread too thin... I had to dive in to explore.
It will be hard to keep myself from working on my online shop tomorrow. The to do list for Wild Winds this weekend is still quite long. Plus, there are a couple of orders to take care of before I head out of Dodge??? Discipline......hope I can dig some up :)

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