Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank You to Studio Hands

With school starting up again, it makes me think about how lucky I have been to have had such great studio help! I want to thank my awesome crew before they head off to hit the books.

Alicia Miller has been in the studio learning the jewelry trade for five years now. She is about to start her sophomore year in college.She keeps me in line and does not hesitate to tell me what my next priority will be. She manages to always have something new on her wish list and has amassed quite a collection!

Corey Tilburg has been with me for four years and will be a freshman in college. He is a talented artist who can draw, sculpt and create amazing things. He has spent time designing his own pieces for the special people in his life. He and I share a love for the asymmetrical and the unusual!

Spending time with both Alicia and Corey has brought me so much pleasure. I have enjoyed watching them learn new techniques and claim their favorite tools. They are willing to tackle any task from piercing earring cards to sanding clay beads to stringing endless seed bead chains. I am grateful for their work and their company. Hopefully, the skills they have learned will be put to use in the future. Jewelry making is a great way for a college kid to make gifts for family and friends!

Thank you Alicia & Corey!

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