Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eye Candy for the Ears

It took several hours to arrange, shoot, upload, and post the listings for the 20 colors of these basics! Interchangeables are my bread and butter and require a lot of attention to keep in stock. These little round beads may not look like much one at a time, but when I mix and cut and roll out each one it adds up :)
Levers are done. Next are the separate listings for all the bead charm colors. How do I communicate that the bead charms are all made to mix and match with any interchangeable style? In person it's easy. I can demo all day at a show or at my holiday kiosk. Once I pull out trays of bead charms it all makes sense.
After I get these done, I can do all the hoops.
Maybe I will get to some gold before the snow falls?

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